About Us

Titan Engineering is a leading Stockists and global distributor for Titanium Mill Materials like Titanium Rods, Bars, Plates, Sheets, Heat Exchanger Tubes, Pipes, fittings, Titanium bolts & Inconel alloys to customers from industries spanning aerospace, automotive, electronics, precision manufacturing, ordnance, marine, shipbuilding, oil & gas, power plant and construction.

We carry extensive inventories of titanium bar, sheet and plate, manufactured by US and European mills . When you need a special order titanium product or form, we utilize the services of our strategic global partners who provide independent conversion processing such as forging, rolling and heat treating.

As the most trusted titanium metal supplier in South East Asia, we ship out titanium materials everyday to our Malaysian and Indonesian customers. They get the goods within two to three days. All our materials are prime materials and comes with mill certificates. We do not have “Minimum Order Quantity” policy.

We welcome the opportunity of quoting on your needs, whether your requirement is large or small.

Our Major Clients

Titan Singapore supplies titanium and specialty materials to 20 countries spread over South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. We are proud to supply Titanium Mill Materials to more than 300 customers in the South East Asian region alone – particularly serving the offshore oil and gas, chemical and marine sectors. Some of our major customers are listed below: